It’s the perfect time to be a freelancer. As 9–5ers quit in droves, we rush in and take your jobs. And we get paid more by working from home

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I was going to mention The Great Resignation in the title of this piece, but that won’t do its proper servings to the point I want to make across.

Alright, buckle up, keep your hands out of your pockets, and don’t suck your thumbs. …

Using long and complicated phrases won’t do you any good. Readers like short words that explain a message in a simple way. What do you give?

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Ah man, don’t even get me started on this one, (sigh)!

Look, to those of you out there who have a passion for words and writing:

  • first of all, congrats, you have found joy in this miserable life.
  • second of all, if you aren’t getting any better with time, then…

The Universe is still exploding, that’s why it keeps expanding. We are like the smoke coming out of an erupting volcano. We’re the Big Bang.

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You know how they say that we are the Universe, manifested as a life form, witnessing its self?

How about if I told you that in fact, we are the explosion before the creation of the Universe?

Sounds appalling? Well, let’s go on a ride together and explore this theory…

Sending this love poem as a message to my dear wife as one last resort to hopefully make her change her mind

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Yes, I have made a lot of mistakes.
Yes, I have broken your heart in every place.
Yes, forgiveness the past cannot erase,
yet, these past weeks… you’ve seen me change.

Remember when we were just two kids,
goofing around my room, not knowing what life is.
Look at us now, damn…

People who are comfortable in their own skin, are less afraid of being single and more open-minded.

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There are people who just love being alone. In your eyes, they might seem like lonely misanthropes hiding away from the world. However, the truth is that true loners have learned how to be happier in their alone time. As a matter of fact, people who are “outgoing”, want to…

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